Yelp Fast Facts

Yelp Fast Facts
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Yelp Fast Facts
Yelp Fast Facts

What Is Yelp?

Yelp is a social site for everything local. When you sign up, you can find the best businesses in town. You will find Yelp Fast Facts below. There are lists of restaurants, hotels, dentists, and gyms. If you’re looking for professional services, you can find landscapers, contractors, electricians, and plumbers.

Yelp! Introduction

Where do you go when you need to find the best Italian restaurant in your city? Or the trendiest salon in the town you’re visiting?

If your answer is Google, you’re right.

But there’s another site you can go to find “the best local businesses in your area.”

A site that helps you choose one business over the other based on ratings and reviews.

It’s Yelp.

Let’s find out more about it!

Curious about that new restaurant down the block?

You can check Yelp to read customer reviews.

Want to do something fun this weekend?

Yelp lists the popular activities near you.

What Yelp does is bring out the best in your area for you.

If you aren’t using Yelp yet, read on to find out why it might be a good fit for your business.

If you already have an account, it’s great to know Yelp’s history and fun facts not many of your fellow Yelpers know.

15 Facts You Might Not Know About Yelp

  1. Yelp Was Once a ‘Glorified Email Circle’ In 2004, PayPal employee Jeremy Stoppelman fell sick.

When he searched online for the best doctor, he realized there wasn’t much information on whether Doctor A or Doctor B was a better option.

To fill in the information gap, Jeremy and his PayPal colleague Russell Simmons raised $1 million to form an email circle. Friends inside the circle could write and swap business reviews with each other.

This is how Yelp was born.

  1. What’s Behind the Name? Jeremy Stoppelman wanted to call his business “Yocal,” but was unable to obtain the domain name.

The business continued without a name until one of its earliest employees, David Calbraith, came up with “Yelp.”

The idea was rejected at first because “Yelp” sounds close to “Help.”

After thinking about it, however, Stoppelman realized the name made perfect sense. Yelp’s first mission, after all, is to help people with their local needs.

  1. 92% of Yelp Visitors Make a Purchase after Visiting the Social Network Need incentive to list your business on Yelp?

Consider these facts:

  • 42% of people who visit Yelp will make a purchase on the same day.
  • 25% will make a purchase within a few hours.
  • 85% of Yelp users who are satisfied with a business will share it with their friends.
  1. Yelp Is the #1 Site for Public Directories Online The average Yelp visit is 3:10 minutes long, and the average visitor clicks through to 7.10 pages, per SimilarWeb.
  2. 55% of People Searching for a Restaurant on Yelp Have Ordered Delivery or Takeout from a Restaurant They Found on the Platform 53% of people who ordered from a restaurant on Yelp weren’t familiar with the restaurant before they found it on the platform.
  3. Yelp Doesn’t Issue ‘People Love Us on Yelp’ Stickers to Everyone Ever notice this sticker on the window of a restaurant you love?

Although it seems a simple enough sticker, these are given only to qualified businesses.

  1. Businesses with Higher Yelp Ratings & More Reviews Experience Faster Revenue Growth If your rating increases by one star on Yelp, you’ll enjoy a revenue growth of one to two percentage points.

Eight new business reviews mean you’ll get an average of two revenue growth percentage points.

  1. Businesses with 4.5 Ratings Experienced the Largest Revenue Growth from 2016-2019 Surprisingly, businesses with 4.5 stars on Yelp grew more than businesses with five stars!
  2. Google Offered to Buy Yelp in 2005 Yelp started out with a two-year license that allowed Google to use Yelp content in organic search. In 2005, Google offered to buy Yelp for $550 million.

Stoppelman, however, refused to sell his company. Here’s what he said in an interview with Time.

  1. You Can Now Personalize the Yelp App Are you a vegetarian? Indicate this on the app, and your home screen will display the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in your area.

Do you love hiking? Yelp will show you excellent places for day trips, picnics, and family activities.

A fan of coffee? You’ll get suggestions about amazing breweries to visit near you.

Simply spend two minutes indicating your preferences on the Yelp app, and you’ll get a personalized home screen and experience.

  1. Yelp Has 68.76 Million Mobile Web Unique Visitors It also has 35.6 million mobile app unique visitors.
  2. 64% of Yelp Users Have Gone to College; Other Yelp User Facts
  • 18% of Yelp users haven’t been to college, while 18% have gone to graduate school.
  • Yelp usage is evenly divided by age group. 35% of users are aged 35-54. 33% are 18-33, and 32% are over 55.
  • 51% of Yelp users earn over $100K. 25% earn below $59K and 24% earn $60-$99K.
  1. Restaurants Are the #1 Reviewed Business on Yelp Next to restaurants come Home/Local Services and Shopping.

They’re followed closely by Beauty and Fitness, Health, Auto, Travel and Hotel, Arts, and Nightlife.

  1. Yelp Has 205 Million Reviews Each year, Yelp obtains 16% more reviews than the year before.
  2. Yelp Enjoys Global Domination Yelp isn’t only used to find local businesses in the U.S. In fact, people from over 35 countries worldwide use the app.

It’s available in 42 different languages (including local variants).

How Yelp Can Increase Your Business’s ROI

Of the 2 trillion online searches per year, 46% will be a local search.

But it isn’t enough to get noticed by prospects.

You need to impress them and show them they’ll be satisfied with your products or services.

And what better way to do this than by “word of mouth?”

With Yelp, you’re taking word of mouth to the next level.

If you have something excellent to offer plus great customer services, people will start talking about you with their Yelp “friends.”

And the more reviews you have, the higher your revenue growth will be.

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What is Yelp?

Founded in 2004, Yelp is a social site for everything local. Using Yelp, one can find nearby restaurants, bars, shops, etc., read reviews customers left for businesses, and write reviews with ease.

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Is Yelp free?

Yes, Yelp is free. Business owners can claim their listing for free. Yelp has advertising features that are paid.

With Yelp’s extensive user base and global reach, it can significantly impact your business’s ROI by attracting new customers and increasing revenue. By optimizing your Yelp listing and providing excellent customer service, you can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age. So, if you haven’t explored Yelp yet, it’s time to give it a shot and see your business soar to new heights!

Remember, when it comes to local searches, Yelp is the place to be, and it’s a platform that can help your business stand out and succeed in the competitive market. Don’t hesitate to claim your Yelp listing, engage with customers, and ensure your business’s online presence is optimized to leverage the full potential of this social site for everything local.

Now that you know how Yelp can help your business thrive, go ahead and explore its features to boost your ROI. Join the millions of users who rely on Yelp to find the best businesses in their area, and let the power of customer reviews and ratings work in your favor. Embrace Yelp’s global reach, and your business could become the go-to destination for customers seeking the best local services and experiences.

Keep in mind that success on Yelp is not just about positive reviews, but also about being proactive in addressing negative feedback and using it as an opportunity to improve your services. Engage with your customers, respond to their reviews, and demonstrate your commitment to delivering top-notch experiences.

With all these insights and facts about Yelp, you now have the knowledge to take your business to the next level. So, why wait? Start optimizing your Yelp presence today and witness the positive impact it can have on your business’s online reputation and revenue growth.

Now, go ahead and leverage the power of Yelp to attract new customers, delight existing ones, and make your business a success story that shines on the local and global stage!

Remember, Yelp is much more than just a review platform. It’s a social site for everything local, and when used strategically, it can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into Yelp’s vast user base and maximize your business’s visibility, credibility, and revenue growth.

Don’t wait any longer! Claim your Yelp listing, optimize your profile, and engage with your customers to build a loyal following. Embrace Yelp’s features to showcase your business in the best light possible, and let the power of word-of-mouth marketing work its magic for your business.

So, why not give Yelp a try and see the difference it can make for your business? With its wide reach, engaged user base, and influential customer reviews, Yelp has the potential to take your business to new heights of success. So, get started with Yelp today, and watch your business thrive in the competitive landscape of local commerce. Happy Yelping!




In conclusion, Yelp is a powerful platform that can significantly impact your business’s online reputation, visibility, and revenue growth. With millions of users relying on Yelp to find the best local businesses, it has become a crucial tool for businesses looking to attract new customers and build a loyal customer base.

By claiming your Yelp listing, optimizing your profile, and engaging with customers, you can leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing and positive customer reviews to enhance your business’s reputation and credibility. With Yelp’s global reach and influence, it can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, helping them stand out in the competitive market and attract more customers.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into Yelp’s vast user base and maximize your business’s potential. Embrace Yelp as a valuable marketing tool, and you’ll be on your way to success in the digital age of local commerce.

Start your Yelp journey today, and let the power of customer reviews and ratings work in your favor. With Yelp, you can leave other websites behind and become the go-to destination for customers seeking the best local businesses in your area.

So, go ahead and join the millions of businesses that have already embraced Yelp and experienced its positive impact on their ROI. Claim your Yelp listing, engage with customers, and provide exceptional services to earn positive reviews and build a strong online reputation.

Remember, Yelp is not just a review platform; it’s a social site for everything local. It’s a platform that empowers consumers to make informed decisions while helping businesses showcase their offerings to a vast audience. By leveraging Yelp’s features, you can ensure your business stands out from the competition and attracts the attention of potential customers.

With Yelp’s popularity and influence, it’s time for your business to take advantage of this invaluable platform and unlock its full potential. Don’t hesitate; get started with Yelp today, and let your business shine in the digital landscape of local commerce. Happy Yelping!

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