NCC Alumni Registration

ncc alumni registration
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ncc alumni registration
ncc alumni registration

NCC Alumni Association Registration

The reconstruction of the NCC Alumni Organization aims to establish a platform where former NCC Cadets can join the association. This article will provide you with complete information about the NCC Alumni Association Online Registration for 2023 and outline the simple NCC Alumni registration process.

NCC Alumni Association: A Platform for Nation-Builders

On November 19, 2022, a momentous occasion took place as Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the NCC Alumni Association, also known as Rashtra Raksha Sampan Parv Day. The government released a statement in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, announcing the establishment of this prestigious association. NCC, which stands for National Cadet Corps, is a renowned organization accessible to students in public senior secondary schools and colleges.

The Genesis of the NCC Alumni Association: A Tapestry Woven by the Indian Government

The orchestration of the NCC Alumni Association finds its roots in the hallowed chambers of the Indian government. Here, a symphony composed of multifaceted virtuosos emerges, weaving together a diverse tapestry of expertise from a myriad of domains.

A Tapestry of Diverse Excellence

Within this mosaic of excellence, the NCC Alumni Association is a forum of convergence. It extends its welcoming embrace to all who have walked the path of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) during their school or college sojourns. United by a shared history, it bestows upon its members the privilege to actively engage in the art of nation-building. These alumni stand not merely as observers but as participants, weaving their threads into the grand tapestry of collective progress.

Catalyzing Contributions and Fostering Fulfillment

The essence of the association is encapsulated in its noble mission. It strives, with unwavering resolve, to evoke the spirit of responsibility that resides within each member. As torchbearers of this mission, they are summoned to rise above individual ambitions and heed the call to nurture the growth and prosperity of their respective nations. This collective endeavor, orchestrated by the NCC Alumni Association, stands as a beacon of empowerment, calling upon each member to fulfill their duties with an unwavering commitment.

Name of the Topic NCC Alumni Association Online Registration
Initiated By Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi
Date of Portal Launch 19th December 2021
Major Benefits To Connect Old NCC Cadets at one single Portal
Fee for Taking Membership 100 Rs
Official Website Portal

Embarking on the Path of NCC Alumni Association Membership: A Journey Illuminated by Benefits

The path to becoming a registered member of the NCC Alumni Association is adorned with a constellation of significant advantages. At the forefront stands the golden key to partake in a plethora of events meticulously orchestrated by the NCCAA. This gateway leads members into the embrace of exclusive activities exclusively curated by the association itself, thereby nurturing a profound bond of unity and camaraderie among the collective.

A Tapestry Woven with Purpose: The Core Aspiration

The NCC Alumni Association stands as a steadfast guardian of an ambitious aspiration — to cater to the diverse needs that intertwine the lives of former and current cadets. At its heart, this association serves as a torchbearer of the NCC’s essence and purpose, extending its reach to both realms of past and present. This alliance of devoted alumni and ardent cadets collectively embarks on a shared journey to actualize the objectives of the NCC, thus invoking a sense of duty towards nurturing the very fabric of the nation.

The Architect of Vision: Unveiling the Founder

Within the sanctum of this esteemed association, the figure of eminence gracing its inception is none other than the illustrious Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. A luminary who once walked the path of the NCC, his legacy is woven intricately into the very fabric of the association. His vision and resonance with the NCC’s ethos stand as a testament to the potential of every cadet, igniting a spark of inspiration to actively partake in the symphony of nation-building.

The Types of Membership Cadets Login

Membership Type Description
Life Members This membership is available to all former NCC cadets. It excludes cadets who have been expelled for engaging in unruly behavior.
Associate Members All officers, PI Staff members posted in NCC headquarters’ units, and those who served their country the previous year are eligible to join as associate members under this category.
Honorary Membership This membership is extended to all Honorary members as well as individuals that excel in their fields.

NCCAA Registration Fee

To join the NCC Alumni Association, a one-time NCC Alumni Registration fee of only one hundred rupees has been set by the government. This nominal fee can be paid through both online and physical modes. Once your membership is accepted, you will receive a unique membership number, which will only be assigned once.

Joining the NCC Alumni Association

In the pursuit of attaining the esteemed status of a fresh member within the ranks of alumni, aspirants of the cadet corps are mandated to engage with the official cybernetic vestibule belonging to the NCC Alumni Association, a digital domain residing at alumni. This electronic domain stands as the nexus for enrollment, bestowing all requisite data and assets indispensable for the cadets’ admittance into the fraternity. Upon the threshold of this digital realm, the selection of the “Novel NCC Alumni Enlistment” alternative beckons, ushering the inquirer unto a virgin canvas where the progression of registration for the NCC Alumni Association in the epoch spanning 2022 to 2023 shall transpire.

Imbue the interface with your foundational particulars, encompassing the minutiae of your NCC background, and import an image within the confines of a magnitude not surpassing 2 megabytes. Elect the chronological extent of your participation under the NCC’s banner, and make a deliberation between the mantle of lifelong affiliation and the mantle of kinship by virtue of association, predicated upon your personal predilections. Embark upon this journey by inscribing your NCC numeral, ensconced by your primary and final cognomens. Proceeding henceforth, divulge the requisites pertaining to your NCC particulars, encompassing the classification of the curriculum pursued, along with the designation of the pedagogical institution, which may be a university or an erudite abode. Furthermore, input your distinct NCC testament numerals and tender a succinct narrative expounding upon the feats accomplished during the odyssey amidst the annals of the NCC.

Further sections will prompt you to mention your participation in various summer camps and provide your contact information. Confirm your mobile number and email address using the OTP verification process. Fill in your current and permanent address details, mentioning any contributions you have made to NCC and the NCC Alumni Association. Finally, agree to the guidelines set by the association and proceed to make the payment of the 100 rupee registration fee to complete the registration process.

Upon successful registration, you will receive an email confirming your membership in the NCC Alumni Association.

NCC Alumni Cadets Login Process

For cadets who are already registered members, the NCC Alumni Association provides a straightforward login process. Visit the official online portal at and navigate to the login section. Enter your email address, password, and the captcha code provided, then select the login option to access your account.

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NCC Alumni Association Available Helpline Number

For those who find themselves in need of aid or possess inquiries apropos of the registration process for the NCC Alumni, a conduit for communication awaits via the helpline at +91-7982000601.

  • Highlighted Web Junctions:
  • Cadet Enrollment Portal: Visit here
  • Access Point for Logging In: Explore Here
  • Communication Coordinates: Delve into this information

In the wake of the establishment of the NCC Alumni Association, a commendable dais has been erected to unite erstwhile NCC cadets, empowering them to proffer their contributions to the motherland and bask in the recollections and principles inculcated during their expedition with the NCC. The decision to enlist in this esteemed society entails more than mere participation; it signifies an embrace of a realm steeped in heritage, camaraderie, and a shared vision for the future.

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