Finassam 2023 : Assam Employee Pay Slip

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Finassam : Assam Employee Pay Slip Web Portal

The Assam government, in a momentous stride towards embracing digitization, has introduced a state-of-the-art online web portal called Finassam dedicated exclusively to its employees. This groundbreaking platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that employees can effortlessly generate and access their payslips and detailed salary statements via Assam Employee Pay Slip Web Portal(Finassam). Notably, Finassam serves as a valuable resource, offering the convenience of downloading payslips and providing comprehensive insights into salary-related information.

Assamese Employee Pay Slip: A Convenient PDF File

The Assam Employee Pay Slip, also referred to as the Assamese employee payslip, provides comprehensive details about various salary components and employee particulars. This convenient PDF format can be easily generated online, and all employees in Assam have the privilege to view and download their payslips through the official web portal “,” which is administered by the Assam Finance Department.

The Significance of Assam Employee Payslip

The Assam Employee Pay Slip holds immense importance for all state employees. It ensures transparency and provides crucial information about their work. Distributed at the end of each month, the payslip offers a breakdown of earnings, savings, and deductions, including taxes.

The significance of this document is unparalleled. As an official issuance from the distinguished State Treasury Department, bearing the signature of a senior official, it assumes paramount importance. Given its official status, this document serves as a pivotal instrument for diverse applications, with loan applications ranking among the primary use cases.

Assam Employee Pay Slip Overview

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Assam Employee Salary Slip 2023
Assam Employee Salary Slip 2023
Subject FINASSAM offers a user-friendly facility for all government employees to download their payslips online.
Category Blog
State Assam
Provider DTAP Assam
Department Finance Department of Assam
Official Website Finassam
Last Date of Getting Slips Employees can obtain their payslips from the official website at any time.

Accessing Assam Employee Pay Slip on Finassam Web Portal

With the Finassam web portal, accessing payslips online has become incredibly convenient for Assam employees. The process is simple; employees just need to sign up on the Finance Assam web portal. Once registered, they can effortlessly log in with a single click and download their payslips. The only prerequisite for accessing this invaluable resource is a stable internet connection. Moreover, employees have the option to seek assistance from senior staff to review and rectify any discrepancies.

Registration Process and Payslip Download

To access the portal, employees must register with a unique username and password. Once logged in, employees can conveniently view and download their payslips in PDF format, featuring the signature of a senior official. This authenticated document can be used as proof of income for various financial needs, including loan applications.

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Finassam Web Portal for Assam Govt Teachers

The Finassam web portal serves not only government employees but also teachers in Assam. It offers convenient access to both monthly and yearly payslips, providing teachers with comprehensive financial information, including accruals, sickness benefits, and details about the Group Insurance Scheme (GIS). Moreover, the portal offers valuable insights into tips, vacation redemptions, rewards, and other essential information, enhancing the overall user experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Assam Employee Salary Slip

Downloading the Assam Employee Salary Slip is a hassle-free process. Follow these simple steps to access and download your payslip:

Accessing Finassam Web Portal and Viewing Payslip
Steps Description
Launch the Internet Browser Access the Finassam web portal through your mobile or computer’s internet browser.
Visit the Official Website Head to the official website of Assam Finance using the link FINASSAM .
Navigate to Employee Login FINASSAM Click on the “Employee Login” option located on the left side of the main user interface. The direct link to the login window is
Enter Login Information Input your unique user ID, mobile phone number, and password, followed by completing the Captcha verification.
Explore Your Data Once successfully logged in, you will have access to various sections, including National Pension Plan, tax credits, banking information, salary and payslips, and complaints.
Access Payroll & Payslips Select the “Payroll & Payslips” option from the main menu to check and view your payslip on the screen.
Download Your Payslip Choose the payslip year and select the desired month to download the corresponding PDF file. Clicking the PDF icon will initiate the download process. You can keep a printout of the payslip for future reference.
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Details Included in Assam Employee Salary/Payslips

An Assam Employee Payslip contains vital information, such as:

  • Employee code and name.
  • GPF number, PAN number, designation, GLI number, and PAN number of the employee.
  • Bank details and employee size.
  • Income details, including base salary, DA, HRA, and allowances.
  • Deductions such as GPF, GIS rate, business tax, GLI and refunds, net, and gross.

Having access to these comprehensive details empowers employees to manage their finances better and plan for a secure financial future.


The Assam Employee Pay Slip web portal, powered by Finassam, is a significant advancement that prioritizes employee convenience and financial transparency. Through this platform, employees can efficiently access their payslips, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their salary components and deductions. Embracing digitization, the Assam government demonstrates its unwavering commitment to facilitating employee welfare and streamlining administrative processes.

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